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Bits-n-Bites: EFT Weight Loss Newsletter for People Who Chew

Another issue of One More Bite's wise, witty information and tips about weight loss from around the globe

Issue 13 - Apr 2004

+ Why EFT helps with Weight Issues
+ Teaching EFT to Kids & EFT for Tourettes Syndrome
+ New Kitchen Tools: Flexipan
+ What's New in Food: Beverage Bonanza
+ Calories Do Count
+ Want Fries with that Drink?
+ Herbs for Annual Internal Cleansing
+ Food & Recipe Sites
+ New Losing the Weight Articles on OneMoreBite
+ Fitness & Losing Weight Web Site Sightings

OMB weight loss newsletter features:
•EFT Weight Loss
•Fun Food Finds
•Tips & Tricks
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ISSN No. 1545-1860

BITS-O-WISDOM: "Food is an important part of a balanced diet" -- Fran Lebowitz

Spring Into Shape. Why Not?

Why EFT Helps with Weight Issues

There is much more to losing some weight than simply going on another diet, as you're probably well aware. Anyone can stick to a pre-planned eating program for a short while, but as soon as you go back to your usual habits, back comes the weight you lost. Instead, address the emotional issues that trouble you in other areas of your life, and you may find your issues surrounding food and exercise are changing too.

For instance, most of us have some left over issues from childhood. For instance, some feel very strongly that they were not treated well and may carry resentments. You cannot change the past but you can change how that past affects you now. Use EFT to address the issues directly: "Even though my dad was wrong when he ... I deeply and completely accept myself."

Avoid the trauma of reliving your past and learn to use EFT on those day-to-day issues. You'll see your efforts toward a healthier lifestyle are far easier to put in motion.

"Even though I'm going to lose my mind if one more thing goes wrong today, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Teaching EFT to Kids

Kids are like wise old souls. They watch warily when adults try to pass along "wisdom." They listen, but hear only what they want to hear. If they are troubled, the roar of their fears may drown out what you are trying to say. Imagine if they knew EFT. If they were afraid they could start tapping, "Even though I'm scared, I deeply and completely know I'll be okay."

Kids have to deal every day with other kids and siblings, school, teachers, assignments, requirements, fitting in, noise, confusion, homework, grades, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" It is a never ending series of questions and milestones, and can sometimes be overwhelming.

We may be too quick to turn to medication for ADD and depression while something so simple as EFT could possibly make an enormous difference. It's worth a try, and can possibly help reduce or eliminate the need for meds (contact your doctor). The main obstacle is getting kids interested in learning EFT, because when they decide they WANT to learn, they WILL learn. Here's one way to approach that issue:

If I told your child, "I teach kids how to quit being upset when they don't want to be," might they be interested to know how to do it themselves? I think they would. Using EFT with your kids now is a great way to help resolve their anxieties, fears and the small upsets that can become huge adolescent issues. Help them avoid asking when they are grown, "Why do I always want to eat when I'm upset?" Perhaps you could say, "I found a way to stop being upset when I don't want to be. Would you like me to show you how to do it?" Using age appropriate language this approach works for smaller kids as well as teenagers.

~~ Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to Lose Weight
Emotional eating is often called the "problem," yet few diet programs address the emotional aspects of overeating (or under eating). EFT handles emotional eating & so much more

My son is getting ready to take his SAT exams. He's nervous and somewhat anxious so I've suggested showing him EFT to help. He liked the idea, without any fight, so maybe we're on to something here?

Antidepressants are becoming all too common - why not try EFT?

Here's one way to explain it: Problems are like the pieces of a puzzle. At first you have a big pile of pieces and it looks like it'll take forever to finish. Then you just get started looking for the edge pieces until you have a frame. If you keep working, finding pieces that fit and putting them together, the puzzle begins to take shape, and starts getting easier. Once enough of the puzzle is done, those last pieces fly into place. It's the same when figuring out what bothers us and what to do about it. At first it seems like there is too much, and that we'll never solve it, but then you get started fitting those pieces together one by one and it gets easier, and easier. That's what I do. I teach something called EFT that helps you put the pieces together.

If you'd like any specific examples for kid's issues, ask and I'm happy to help.

EFT for kids with Tourette Syndrome

New Kitchen Tools: Flexipans - Silicone Non-stick Bakeware

Introducing the Flexipans, a revolutionary new bakeware (not really new, but new to me). In 1989 Demarle introduced the Flexipan® line of flexible non-stick pans and molds, subsequently being awarded Best Product Innovation of the Year at Europain in Paris, France in 1990. The beauty is they are truly non-stick, and being flexible they will unmold without breaking or tearing. Since the Flexipan® can be used at freezing temperatures, frozen items such as ice cream, mousses, and aspics can be molded into any shape and be easily unmolded.

Flexipan® are made with a combination of fiberglass and food grade silicone, and are FDA, NSF®, and Kosher certified. This allows the molds to be flexible, and gives it it's non stick quality. The combination also gives Flexipan® a longer life, making it possible to use them two or three thousand times before the first signs of sticking. (Naturally the life of the product is dependent on the use and maintenance employed).

I saw these pans and was given a brochure by a representative of the company, Marianne Wilson Stein at Send Marianne a note for more information or visit Demarle

Other companies I've heard have non-stick, Silicone baking mats are SiliconeZone, SILPAT and Tupperware. Check at Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears or even - although my online search didn't turn up anything at their sites

What's New in Food News

New Beverage Bonanza!

There are new beverages being introduced at an alarming rate. Drinks with milk, low carb drinks, low calorie drinks, and yet I can't help but wonder, why are we spending so much money on liquid calories. I never liked buying lots of drinks because they are heavy to carry home, and they're expensive. I'm still stuck in the Koolaid generation I guess. I remember the ads that bragged about how all you needed were two cups of sugar and you had a quart of Kool-aid for only pennies! It's always bothered me to pay more than a dollar for a drink.

How to Clean your George Foreman Indoor Grill in a Flash!

If you have an indoor grill, such as a George Foreman Grill, you can clean it quickly if you unplug after removing the food, mix one drop of white vinegar in a bowl of white vinegar, dip two paper towels, lay them inside and close the lid. Voila! This tip from Linda Cobb, author of How the Queen Cleans Everything.

How the Queen Cleans Everything

ECO-FRIENDLY: Wild Oats Markets

Wild Oats Markets are switching from plastic deli containers to a clear type that looks like plastic but is made of corn, the Hartford Courant reports. The containers are biodegradable and can be composted, according to a spokesman for the natural-foods retail chain. The containers won't be used for hot items because they begin to break down at 135 degrees. That also means they can't be used in the microwave or left in the hot sun.

Calories Do Count:

Despite Dr. Atkins' statements to the contrary, apparently calories do count. Dr. Atkins never anticipated people would eat two pounds of bacon a day, nor did he anticipate the growing trend for manufactured products to falsely claim to be reducing their carbohydrates simply be changing their labels. Some of the new products are reformulated, but some are not, and you cannot trust the package labeling. Not to mention the most obvious: If you want to reduce your carbs, why would you turn to low carb pancake mix in the first place? Wouldn't it make more sense to get used to leaving the pancakes alone?

Even though our rate of obesity has been blamed on the low fat products (people consumed more since it was "low fat" with no regard for the overall calories which were generally the same or even higher than the original), the same thing is now happening with the new low carb products. Especially worrisome is the idea that calories do not count.

Don't think because the label says it's "low carb" or it has "lower net carbs" that it means you can eat more of it. You can't. In fact, just say no to these modified products, and eat the real thing once in awhile. You'll satisfy your carb cravings, you won't ruin your progress, and you'll save a lot of money in the process.

Secondly, be sure to read the suggested servings on the label. If a giant Snicker's bar serves three, than anything goes. Many packages which look like single servings are not, such as a pint of Haagen Daz ice cream for example - it serves four.

Count carbs if you like, but watch the overall calorie count as well. You don't have to keep track of each individual component if you get software to help. I use the Food & Exercise Diary, listed in my Software Tools page and there are other options as well. Once you track what you eat for a couple weeks, you'll have the most commonly eaten meals ready for easy inputting from that point forward. At first they seem to be a big pain, but hey, you want to make changes, so do what it takes. It gets easier as time goes on.

It's just as easy to decide to eat well, than not. Try it. When you are thinking of enjoying a snack, just because it's there, think of what if you didn't have it, or what if you just waited awhile until you were more hungry? Do this one day a week to get a feel for it. Anything you change in your regular behaviors will have an impact.

+++ The Daily Bites are mini-lessons in how I use EFT to maintain my 80 pound weight loss. Twice weekly and free +++

Want Fries with that Drink? Maybe not ...

It's almost automatic that everyone orders a drink with their meal, but those additional calories add up to a much bigger waistline. This article discusses those innocent drinks we consume that are adding to the obesity problem worldwide. More children could lose weight simply by limiting soft drink consumption than any other single factor. The kids might complain, but they want to drop pounds as much as anyone else and you can help. Talk to your children about how what they drink contributes to their overall body weight - and help them cut back on soft drinks or milk based drinks. Perhaps you'll switch to only having them on special occasions or once a day, or some other plan, but if you'll help by example, you're kids will see how they too can change their habits.

I've noticed that every time a teenager speaks on losing weight they begin with, "I quit drinking soft drinks ..." Read more on losing weight by quitting the liquid calories

Herbs for Annual Internal Cleansing

If you're wanting to get an edge in winning the weight wars, then consider an annual inner cleansing (liver and/or intestinal). I first learned of the idea of taking an annual tonic for the body when I had a store called Bushel & Peck Produce and studied herbology. There are many herbs traditionally used for an annual tonic, and a once-a-year tonic is especially worthwhile to cleanse the system.

Be aware that sometimes people experience a "healing crisis" which can be various symptoms caused by the body releasing toxins and other things. People have a similar experience when they attempt to stop eating sugar for instance, or even in giving up caffeine. Headaches are common, or even at outbreak of acne. This is usually considered to be a good thing because it indicates toxins are being released. Most everyone is familiar with the "caffeine withdrawal" headache. These symptoms are nothing to worry about, but if you are not comfortable, contact a qualified herbologist or other experienced practitioner to help guide you. Herbs are safe and effective when used as directed.

Visit for some specific products. I have not used these products, but they look good to me.

PayPal - Account No Longer Required

You can now use PayPal to make purchases with your credit card, whether you have an account with them or not. After you add an item and choose Check Out, choose the "If you do not currently have a PayPal account" link and you are taken to a secure credit card check out. The main reason to use a PayPal account is simply convenience - they have your details on file, but now without an account being required anyone can purchase via PayPal!

If you are in a country not accepted by PayPal, then contact me to make other arrangements or fax your details to me:

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Food Trivia

It takes one pound of potatoes to make about 150 average size chips.
-- Think about that next time you eat the whole bag!

New Weight Loss Articles on OneMoreBite

Here are this month's new additions to Weight Loss Articles:

+ My Home Gym
+ How I Built my Home Gym
+ America is Getting Larger - Pants That is
+ Stop Compulsive Eating - EFT Compulsion Breakdown Pattern
+ Nothing More Powerful than your Words

My Home Gym - Get the real scoop. My digital camera allows me to capture images on film I'd never have gotten around to otherwise. I'm the type who still has a role of film from 25 years ago sitting undeveloped. Including a recent photo of yours truly - be forewarned, this is not a professional photo shoot but me goofing around - but I did want to show myself as proof that I walk my talk.

Complete Index to all Articles on Losing Weight and Using EFT for Weight Loss

Fitness, Weight Loss, Dieting, Recipes: Website Sightings:

Calories Per Hour:

On Weight Watchers? Check this site for One Point Snacks

Pretty Bras in Larger Sizes!

T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. stands for Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes (sic) In Extreme Situations. T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. was a series of experiments conducted during finals week, 1995, at Rice University. The tests were designed to determine the properties of that incredible food, the Twinkie.

How a Media Star & Food Fad were Born

Jared (the Subway guy) was discovered when Men's Fitness magazine heard about a guy who claimed to have lost over 100 lbs by eating only Subway sandwiches. They featured him in an article and a few months later, were contacted by Subway who wanted to know, "Who was that guy?" Lucky Jared became a star of Subway commercials and launched a new trend of eating fast food to lose weight. I'm not sure it's such a good idea to frequent fast food restaurants, but it worked for him and I'm all for fairness in reporting.

A report on the Subway Diet at

They state a disadvantage is, "This diet is very expensive and is lacking in necessary nutrients to preserve a healthy body, mind, energy levels and perhaps even consciousness." All righty then.

There are many trying the McDonald's Diet too - now that's a really bad idea. Just because certain individuals and many teenagers can eat junky foods and be fine, doesn't mean it's a good idea for the majority of us. You'll feel better and look better if you make an effort to eat more foods in a natural state, i.e. not processed.

Food & Recipe Sites:

FreedomYou Recipe Center

World's Healthiest Foods

Recipe Zaar

Do You Have an Obese Pet?

When your pet is sick, the first thing the vet asks is, "What are you feeding him?" Why is the connection between what we feed our animals and the state of their health so clear, yet when it comes to our health there is neve rending debate? We can't even agree whether it's necessary to take supplements, much less what we should or should not eat. Common sense tells me plants and animals are probably generally safe to eat (excluding those we know are poison), but heavily processed foods, laced with chemicals to make them resemble natural? Makes me wonder.

We easily accept the idea that what we feed our pets affects their health, but for some reason we choose to ignore the idea for ourselves. Next time you go to buy something labeled as somehow being more healthful, ask yourself why? What have they done to this product to change it's composition? Check closely the recommended serving size and then multiply the numbers accordingly. Think about it: I got one of those jumbo Snickers bars - it serves 3 (I've mentioned this about a hundred times - obviously I can't get over it).

Vetsulin - Help for Diabetic Dogs (Hint: Maybe it's what we're feeding our pets?)

Additions to Goofy Diet Products

Latest in a series of odd new products purported to help you lose some weight:

Slim Pops! Candy. That's right, candy. You feel hungry, have a sucker, and hunger disappears (how, I'm not sure). They recommend you eat up to five of these expensive candies a day, and that alone adds up to a substantial number of calories, with virtually no food value. Sounds sort of stoopid to me ;-)

Fitness and Exercise Sites

I make new link exchanges every month, check back for new additions. You'll find links to sites with health, fitness, and information relating to losing the weight you want.

OneMoreBite's Links to Weight Loss Sites

If you have a site or know of a good resource let me know so it can be added.

+++ ---------- Ending Emotional Eating ---------------- +++

You've gone to seminars, read books, bought gadgets, and tried everything to lose the weight, but still nothing works. Could it be you're an emotional eater?
More details about the One More Bite 8-Week Workshop.
If now is the right time to end your struggle losing all the weight you want, get started on this self-paced, home study program today. (Includes follow-up, so you still get personal attention).
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Minnesota Decides to Focus on the Poor in Efforts to Fight Fat

Found on the News Voice of web site, David McAlary writes, "Officials of the north-central U.S. state of Minnesota have asked Washington for permission to prevent poor people in the state from using U.S. government food support payments to purchase candy, soft drinks and other snack food. State officials say buying such items with welfare money is inconsistent with their efforts to encourage healthy nutrition. If national officials approve, Minnesota would become the first U.S. state to impose such restrictions."

Are they insane or what? Can you spell "Food Police?" Somehow I don't think people are going to be too crazy about this idea. What do you think? Do you really want the government to dictate what foods you can or cannot buy with food stamps? I think they mean well but this isn't likely to be a popular idea with the residents nor is it going to be popular with the food manufacturers. What's next? "Lady, put down that donut and no one gets hurt." I don't want my state government telling me what I can or cannot buy with my crappy $89 a month worth of food stamps.

I doubt anyone is especially proud of using food stamps, so giving clerks licence to scowl, grabbing stuff out of your carb, "Oh, sorry lady, you can't have that," and "Oh, no, that's not for you. No, no no, not today lady."

Yes, a bag of potatoes is a much better choice than a bag of potato chips, but that's not my choice to make for anyone but me. Amen. Don't forget who these folks are come election time is about all I can say on that.

Yours in good eating,
Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

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